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Painting London to Picturing London
Exploring the National Gallery
Michelangelo – Life and Work
Art in Detail – Understanding Prints
The Fabric of Art
Create Your Own Artist's Book
Life Drawing in the Library
Sketching in the Summer
Film Studies – French Cinema
Film Studies – Hollywood Cinema of the 1970s
Film Studies – Introducing Ealing Studios
Screenwriting – Scene One
The Mechanics of Screenwriting
Practical Photography – Level 1
Practical Photography – Level 2
Digital Photography for Urban Landscapes
Photography Workshop – Take Great Photos in a Day
Wine Tasting – Summer Wines
Creative Writing
Creative Writing – Starting from Scratch
Creative Writing – Writing Short Stories
Creative Writing – Short Story Workshop
– The Next Step
Creative Writing – Life Writing
– Create Compelling Literary Characters
Handle with Care
– Writing with and for Vulnerable Groups
Journalism – How to Find, Write and Sell
News and Features
Chinese Mandarin
Espresso Italiano
Spanish Cinema Conversation Club
Ballroom Dancing – Waltz and Quickstep
Ballroom Dancing – Tango and Cha-Cha-Cha
Ballroom Dancing – Improvers
Ballroom Dancing – Saturday Masterclass
One-Day Course
Rock & Roll and Jive – Level 1
Rock & Roll and Jive – Improvers
Rock & Roll and Jive – One-Day Course
Tap Dancing
Acting and Drama – Level 1
Acting and Drama – Bishopsgate Players
Acting Techniques for Presentation Skills
Bishopsgate Singers
The Tubthumping Chorus
Singing Solo – Discover Your Voice
The Art of Meditation and Mindfulness
Hatha Yoga
MindFlow Hatha Yoga
Iyengar Yoga
Quite a Lot of Balls – Duckie Queer Heritage
Spring Weekender
London at Play 1900–1950
Who was Emma Goldman?
Ragtime in London c.1900
A People's History of the East End
– 17th & 18th Century
A People's History of the East End
– 20th Century
Apocalypse London – The City in Science Fiction
Roman London
London from Below
– Grassroots Movements that Shook the Capital
Eight Individuals who Changed the East End
Archives Explorer at Bishopsgate Institute
London from the East
– A Social History of the East End
An Introduction to the History of European Art
Five Ideas that Changed the World
Five Ideas that Changed the Modern World
The Paranormal in Culture and Society
Madness in the 19th-Century Novel
Walking Tours – Forgotten Corners of East London
Walking Tours – The Magnificent Metropolitan Line
Walking Tours – The Way of the River Westbourne
Bookbinding – An Introduction
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